COPD Education
You will be able to view educational videos by clicking on one of the video links below:

  Aerolizer                    Autohaler                        Diskus                           Ellipta

  Flexhaler                  Handihaler                          MDI                       MDI with Spacer

 Respimat                 Turbuhaler                     Twisthaler

   How to Use a Nebulizer                              How to Clean a Nebulizer

   Purse Lip Breathing                                   Belly Breathing

You will be able to view instruction sheets for each inhaler by clicking on one of the links below:
       MDI with Spacer

This one-page sheet lists the Order of inhaler administration for COPD

You will be able to listen to lung sounds by clicking one the links below. Once you open the web page, just click on the sound you want to listen to on the right of the page and then click on the arrow on diagram of the rib cage to the left of the web page.

    Basic Lung Sounds
        1 Vesicular - Normal 
        2 Crackles - Fine (Rales) 
        3 Crackles - Coarse (Rales) 
        4 Wheeze 
        5 Rhonchi - Low Pitched Wheezes 
        6 Bronchial 
        7 Pleural Rubs 
        8 Bronchovesicular

    Intermediate Lung Sounds
        1 Vesicular - Diminished 
        2 Bronchophony - Healthy 
        3 Bronchophony - Abnormal 
        4 Egophony - e 
        5 Egophony - a 
        6 Whispered Pectoriloquy - Healthy 
        7 Whispered Pectoriloquy - Abnormal 
        8 Wheeze - Expiratory 
        9 Wheeze - Monophonic 
        10 Wheeze - Polyphonic 
        11 Crackles - Early Inspiratory (Rales) 
        12 Crackles - Late Inspiratory (Rales) 
        13 Stridor 

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